Blatant Racism in New Clothing. Harold E. Bailey

Blatant racism in new clothing
Don’t you just hate it when people spit in your face and tell you that it is raining? Well, disrespect for a deprived body of people has resurfaced from coast-to-coast in these not so United States of America, as covert racists have created new ways in presenting old ways of doing things!
From the nations capitol to some state houses, there are back-wood governors and legislators who are biased in the proper distribution of United States entitlements. It also appears that these non-thinkers grant political favors to their cronies as wine flows from their table of plenty! It is disturbing that hard working citizens who constitute the large-majority of Americans, receive mere scraps from that table of plenty! It is fairly noted that these unfair people are political party rebels who often spit in the faces of tax payers!
I might add that small-minded political pundits fail to realize that taxpayers (voters) can hire and fire any politician at any given time!
How are we expecting our youth to have a positive day-to-day prospective on their lives as they emulate what they hear and see coming from Washington? Are politicians and community leaders expecting our children to follow their precepts or is it that mean-spirit dont do as I do, but do as I say?
Problems on many fronts with political and community leaders could be remedied with a good dose of education!
Education is important, and the absence of African-American history in our schools leaves a void of understanding among many of our 21st Century black youth. And the result of youth not learning about their heritage … old tricks are played in new clothing … as nobody gains but the penal system.
As youth lack knowledge regarding their fore-parents struggles, they have consequently missed learning about the inner-sufferings they encountered in opening educational doors on many levels!
Strange as it seems, the concerted effort to deprive youth of an education is self-serving to some folk, simply because to do so would benefit them politically, socially and otherwise. This much change! This racist mythology has been covered far too long! I care less what classroom you’re instructing our children in… nothing from nothing leaves absolutely nothing! Now, don’t spit in my face and say this is not true!
Many youth and elders don’t honestly know historical facts, and it appears that those sitting in political authority choose to have it that way, especially with their priorities are on everything but mandating that students are taught ‘Black and Hispanic’ History! If the community knew where they’ve come from, perhaps it would give them a far better perspective on their future.
The lack of education and the presence of the justice system cause youth to say they don’t stand a chance in life, and many don’t expect to live beyond 30 to 40-years of age.
A possible solution: It is my understanding that an educational avenue was paved to bring about a difference in the state of Illinois in 1991, as the late Senator William ‘Bill’ Shaw, created and passed a bill requiring that the Chicago School Board implement Black History to our children. The question now is. why has this not been Implemented after these many years? Ah, but you hear all kinds of excuses – but not the right one! Yet, the school board continues to spit in taxpayers faces and continue to tell us it is just raining! It really appears to be a concerted effort, as students drop out of the educational process and continue their journey through the court system, jail and prison. This could and should be prevented! I seriously suggest we mandate black history – and do it now!
We must reeducate our youth on all fronts with truth! The attitude of some youth may surprise you! If you tell some youth that they got over on a person, it might bring about joy! But, if you tell them that someone got over on them they spew vomit! Tell them the truth! Let them get upset! Tell them how in this 21st Century… some people got over on them and are yet playing old games but in new clothing! Bet they get angry and do a quick reverse! Truth is powerful, and God’s truth continues to march onward!
It would also be wise if when we are reeducating our children we should crack the covers of that Bible and instruct youth as to those things that have been prescribed by God! If we should read the scriptures in love, the words just may reach the hearts of not only youth but also our many elders.
Over-and-over again, after 36-plus-years of training youth, I continue to say: Education brings about an awareness. Awareness brings on the ability to think. And, when a man or woman can think, prayerfully they can make rational decisions.
A note to the wise politician: In place of being at war with one-another over divisive matters that are petty, shouldn’t you consider the lives of all U.S. citizens, and especially our youth and elders? Doing so just might give all Americans a chance to experience a quality life!
Word to the wise elders: In place of more jails and prisons, why can’t society as a whole invest in the educational process on the front end. For if we educated well, we wouldn’t have to incarcerate! Education is far least expensive than prisons! Or, are people shucking and jiving about wanting to really save the lives of our precious Black and Hispanic youth?
With a quality education, youth are better able to decide politically which candidate is talking out of both-sides of the mouth… as some now from the White House and States Houses.
How long can we afford to have the power-that-be – continually spit in our faces and tell us it is raining?
Reprint from: Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president